Dirty Dusting

When three cleaners, Olive, Gladys and Elsie, are threatened with redundancy they feel that their lives are coming to an end until a chance wrong number gives them a new business start-up idea – why not run an adult telephone line? They’ve got motive, opportunity and a lifetime of experience – some more than others, mind you.

Provided Elsie can teach the other two a few new tricks there’s no reason why they can’t get rich quick providing they can keep their operation a secret from their bosses… and their husbands…and their children…and their grandchildren.

A searing indictment of ageism in the 21st Century heavily disguised as a hysterical, laugh-out-loud, heart-warming comedy.

Written by: Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood

Directed by: Norma Raif

Tickets: £11 (inc booking fee)

Dates: 26th June – 29th June at 7.30m and Matinee 2.30pm

Location: Studio 9, 314 Market Street, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 1RJ.
(Carpark and entrance at rear, off Meadow Street)